About us

The Iberian Society of Ecology (SIBECOL) brings together Portuguese and Spanish scientists and professionals from all areas of Ecology (theoretical, terrestrial, marine and inland waters), aims to promote Ecology and inform about the scientific works performed in its different areas. The SIBECOL supports the dissemination of the advances of Ecology for the society, promotes the training of young scientists and the transfer of scientific knowledge. Thus, the SIBECOL seeks to be a platform for interaction and knowledge-sharing among the different areas of Ecology with the objective of increasing the defense of ecological and sustainability values in the Iberian Peninsula.

The SIBECOL was established in July 2018 and was promoted by the Boards of different Spanish and Portuguese scientific associations: the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET), the Iberian Limnology Association (AIL), the Portuguese Society of Ecology (SPECO) and the Spanish Society of Ethology and Evolutionary Ecology (SEEEE). In addition, SIBECOL has the participation of marine ecologists belonging to different Iberian entities.

With the aim of promoting a multidisciplinary and transversal character, and encouraging participation in particular of the youngest members, SIBECOL carries out the following activities:

a) Scientific meetings of broad and specific topics, training, seminars, courses, workshops, conferences, excursions, exhibitions and all kinds of educational and scientific activities.

b) Publishing and management of publications that increase the dissemination of advances in the field of ecology.

c) Development of new knowledge and methods

d) Support public institutions that require information for management strategies that lead to a higher sustainability.