Marine Group 

The SIBECOL marine working group aims to bring together all marine ecologists involved in Sibecol  in order to: 

- Promote ecological studies focused on marine ecosystems, through different activities such as courses, meetings, projects and publications.
- Engage more marine scientists, particularly the youngest generation, in SIBECOL.
- Enhance the collaboration with ecologists working in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and to support interdisciplinarity.
- Collaborate with citizens and entities to   increase public awareness about the urgent need to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health.


Working Group 

Angel Borja (AZTI), 
Pol Capdevila (University of Bristol)
Alfonso Corzo (University of Cadiz)
Carmen Lozano (University of Malaga)
Cèlia Marrasé (ICM-CSIC) 
Joao Neto (University of Coimbra), 
Cristina Romera (ICM-CSIC)
Cristina Sobrino (University of Vigo)


Cristina Linares (University of Barcelona)


How to get involved 

Would you like joining this group? Bring your ideas or initiatives to us at: