Outreach Group 

Now, more than ever, humanity needs to understand that there is no future without a healthy and biodiverse planet, but scientific advances in Ecology are not always transmitted to society in an efficient manner. The aim of the SIBECOL Outreach Group is to establish a connection between ecologists and society by (i) making our research results accessible, (ii) organizing activities that raise awareness on global change and (iii) motivating new generations  to embrace research careers. 

We also seek to provide a communication platform where the different branches of Ecology can exchange knowledge. Just as freshwaters, forests and oceans are intimately linked in nature, we need to move towards a more comprehensive and inclusive Ecology that learns from the advances in other fields and reflects the natural complexity of Earth ecosystems.


How to get involved 

Would you like joining this group? Bring your ideas or initiatives to us at: web@sibecol.org